6clicks platform selected by Cyber Audit Team (CAT) to enhance and broaden the delivery of their managed services.

“The decision to partner with 6clicks was to provide our clients with an innovative, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution that will also support our managed service offering.”

Australian-based cyber security advisory and managed services provider Cyber Audit Team (CAT) is excited to announce the selection of cyber governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform leader 6clicks to enhance and broaden the delivery of their managed services offering. 


The fully integrated content library provided by 6clicks will enable Cyber Audit Team to deliver greater outcomes to their customers. Clients will benefit from being able to rapidly identify compliance gaps, implement appropriate controls and enhance their information security maturity. Additionally, clients will be able to clearly demonstrate their specific regulatory compliance requirements to internal and external stakeholders in real-time and conduct vendor IT risk management assessments of their third-party providers and suppliers.


Damian Seaton, Managing Director of Cyber Audit Team, said, “The decision to partner with 6clicks was clear at the outset because of its unique Hub & Spoke multi-tenancy architecture, AI engine, best-practice workflows and minimal need for configuration, all at a very attractive price point for our clients. With 6clicks, we can implement GRC capability quickly and easily and provide a more efficient and effective managed service.”


Underpinning the 6clicks platform is the Hub & Spoke architecture, referencing the platform’s ability to easily cater for multiple connected accounts. This architecture is ideal to meet the needs of any organisation with defined standards and requirements via a centralised management console while maintaining independence at the subsidiary or entity level. 


6clicks Chief Executive Officer Anthony Stevens says, “Cyber Audit Team are industry experts, and we are proud to partner with such a respected and credible company.”


This announcement follows coverage of 6clicks by world-renowned GRC analyst Michael Rasmussen who covered the unique 6clicks Hub & Spoke architecture and its capability to rapidly accelerate deployment for enterprises. Learn more here: https://www.6clicks.com/features/hub-spoke-multi-entity-architecture.


About Cyber Audit Team:
Cyber Audit Team (CAT) is an independent information and cyber security solutions provider, partnering with organisations to protect their brand, value, reputation, and digital assets against internal and external threats in the rapidly evolving threat landscape.


For more information about Cyber Audit Team, visit https://www.cyberauditteam.com


About 6clicks:
6clicks is powered by Hailey, a breakthrough AI engine to automate common compliance tasks, includes a massive content library and is integrated with over 4,000 apps, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google, Typeform, and Google Suite. Learn more here: https://www.6clicks.com/features


For more information about 6clicks, visit their media kit.

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