Uncovering your company’s gaps, risk and areas of non-compliance before the threat actors do

Cyber Security Audit & Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity is not about IT security or technical resilience, it is about ‘data/information security’. Unfortunately, most companies are breached due to a false sense of security, or misguided assurances from their IT Manager or IT Provider that their company is protected from cyber-risk because of their firewall, advanced software or hardware solutions.

Unfortunately, this false sense of security is still prevalent and is the major reason why cybercriminals are so successful in their attacks. They know that most companies have probably spent money on basic cybersecurity, so they simply target your company’s weakest link – your people, processes and procedures.

The simplest and most cost-effective way to understand where your company is at risk is through an independent, “whole of business” cyber security audit of your Information Security arrangements. Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CRA) is not an IT Audit or Penetration Test – nor is it a “tick and flick” self-assessment. It’s a comprehensive deep dive into your organisation, designed to identify staff awareness, gaps in policies and procedures, cyber-risk and areas of potential non-compliance relating to your information security activities. Our cyber risk assessments are fixed fee, non-intrusive, delivered in person and on site. Your leadership team will receive actionable insights in clear language and a plan to implement the changes that need to be made to protect your business.

What’s Your Company’s Cyber Risk Exposure?

Do you know where your company’s gaps are? Are you aware of areas of non-compliance within your business? Do you know how susceptible your business is to an internal or external threat? Our Cyber Security Audit & IT Risk Assessment will uncover and identify these vulnerabilities and provide you and your company with actionable insights, together with a roadmap to address and mitigate these risks through the implementation of affordable and practical controls.

Not all data breaches occur from being ‘hacked’. In fact, nearly all breaches occur because of some form of human error. Whilst some breaches may be attributed to malicious behaviour, the majority are successfully perpetuated by unsuspecting, untrained or complacent staff being socially engineered (deceived), coupled with a lack of adherence to adequate policies, processes or procedures.

Information Security is as much about people as it is technology, and understanding your company’s information security profile will assist in developing a robust cybersecurity posture that promotes strong cyber security policy, multi-level educational and cyber awareness programmes, and effective and adaptive technology solutions.

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Comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessments for Peace-Of-Mind

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessments are fixed fee, non-intrusive and are delivered in person, and on site. Our highly experienced and qualified team will engage all business divisions, together with relevant internal and external company stakeholders collaboratively.

On completion of the risk assessment, our findings are presented in a simple to understand, non-technical, ‘traffic light’ style report, presenting clearly articulated, fact-based, actionable insights about your company’s information security and cybersecurity maturity and posture.

Following the completion of the cyber risk assessment, our team will return to your business and facilitate a workshop with your internal and external stakeholders (such as your IT provider) to present the findings, together with an appropriate roadmap outlining practical remediation recommendations for your consideration.

Following the cyber risk assessment Roadmap process, and based upon your specific requirements, we provide you with tailored costings for our ongoing Managed Detection & Response Services.

In addition to demonstrating to your customers and stakeholders that your company takes information security seriously, our cyber security audits will assist your company by:

  • Identifying areas of risk in your business
  • Highlighting gaps in policies and procedures
  • Uncovering potential areas of non-compliance
  • Raising staff awareness

Best Practice Frameworks

Utilising internationally-recognised best practice frameworks such as ISO27001 (International Standards Organisation 27001), NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology), and ASD37 (Australian Signals Directorate Top 37 Reference Card), we will comprehensively assess the maturity and effectiveness of your company’s existing information security measures to protect against, respond to and recover from data incidents or data breaches.

Our highly experienced and qualified team demonstrate decades of experience across information security, cybersecurity, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), ICT (Information, Communication and Technology), and business leadership experience, enabling us to support you and your business in achieving your information security, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance business requirements.

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