We exist because we genuinely want to protect business from the pervasive cybersecurity threats facing businesses of all sizes, across every industry

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, yet highly effective. We have a simple three tiered approach toward achieving information security and cybersecurity maturity for our clients.
Phase 1

Cyber Resilience Assessment (CRA)

Our independent and impartial CRA is a comprehensive “whole of business” assessment, not a simple ‘desktop’ review or ‘self-assessment’. It assesses the maturity and effectiveness of your existing measures to protect against, and respond to, data breaches and cyber threats.
Phase 2

Managed Detection and Response Services (MDRS)

Using the information discovered in the CRA we provide you with a fully managed cybersecurity solution, delivered through our dedicated Australian Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC).
Phase 3

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Should a data breach occur, you and your company will be supported by a team of industry experts to provide guidance and support in managing the incident, whilst ensuring relevant compliance is followed.

Consultative & Engaging

Our consultative approach seeks to understand your company’s current drivers such as:

  • What are you seeking to achieve?
  • What are your information security/cybersecurity goals and objectives?

Once we understand these, we can then better support you and your team in achieving these business objectives more quickly and more cost effectively.

We are here to support you and your business to meet ever-evolving information security and cybersecurity challenges and obligations, whilst also seeking to identify your company’s vulnerabilities before threat actors do.

Using simple to understand language and analogies, we will guide, educate and advise you, your business and your staff on information security and cybersecurity, without any technical jargon or hype. We will seek to demystify cybersecurity by cutting through the perceived complexity and consultatively engage your teams, so they truly understand and appreciate the company’s exposure to cyber risk, across their entire business landscape.

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