Our PCI DSS controls will assist your company in protecting highly sensitive and valuable cardholder data

PCI DSS Compliance Services

In order to demonstrate PCI DSS Compliance, all organisations that accept or process credit card payments are required to undertake an annual PCI DSS audit of security controls and processes, covering areas of data security such as retention, encryption, physical security, authentication and access management.

For some businesses, compliance is considered just an obligation. For others, it’s fundamental to broader business objectives. Protecting this highly sensitive and valuable information must be integral to your data security strategy as failure to introduce and maintain appropriate payment security standards could result in your company receiving significant fines and suffering serious brand and reputational damage.

Cyber Audit Team (CAT) can assist your business in developing and maintaining a successful PCI DSS compliance program, delivering you and your business the peace of mind that you are compliant not just at audit time, but all year-round. CAT provides practical and affordable support and guidance to your company in understanding its obligations, whilst implementing technical and operational controls needed to fulfil the latest PCI DSS requirements.

Our team will work closely with your company to identify and assess any gaps and develop appropriate remediation strategies to meet the necessary PCI DSS compliance standard.

Should You Self-Assess or Seek Specialist PCI DSS Service Provider?

PCI DSS compliance cannot be achieved through technology alone and requires a much deeper dive into your company’s processes, procedures, systems and information security controls. Many companies attempt to “self-assess” and initially think that the PCI DSS compliance is a simple and straightforward assessment process. However, the standard is complex with guidance and recommendations lacking clarity and finality and just scoping the environment can be challenging for many businesses.

CAT can assist you and your company to overcome these challenges. We don’t just audit to achieve compliance – we partner with your company to align your compliance investments with broader business and security objectives. Thinking beyond the audit, our cybser security specialists will work closely with your teams to validate existing technology, identify gaps, missing documented policies or procedures and areas of non-compliance, which will ultimately mitigate the risk of a breach and mature your overall security posture, enabling you to focus on day-to-day business operations.

Who Does PCI DSS Compliance Apply To?

PCI DSS compliance applies to all companies that store, process and transmit cardholder data (CHD) and/or sensitive authentication data (SAD). Examples of such organisations include merchants, processors, acquirers, issuers and service providers. Companies that outsource payment operations are still responsible for ensuring that all account data processed is suitably protected by contracted third parties.

CAT provides a full suite of PCI DSS consulting and remediation solutions to assist businesses of all sizes address their compliance obligations. Our specialist consultants are knowledgeable on all PCI DSS requirements and can help you navigate the changes, identify the processes you need to implement, as well as assess and maintain your unique environment to ensure your company is protected as well as compliant.

Benefits Of Becoming PCI DSS Compliant

Working towards PCI DSS compliance will:

  • Demonstrate to your customers that your business is a trusted organisation
  • Reduce the risk of credit card data breaches
  • Increase accountability within your company
  • Mitigate the risk of financial and reputational damage to your business
  • Minimise downtime and associated costs for restoring services
  • Enhance your security posture ensuring customer credit card data is better protected
  • Maintain trust and brand reputation


Our approach starts with a pre-assessment that outlines the simplest and most cost-effective route towards compliance. This includes:

  • Full Onsite Review
  • Scoping Analysis
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Security Assessment
  • Questionnaire (SAQ) Assistance
  • Remediation

If you require any assistance with complying with the PCI DSS standards, please contact us today and speak with one of our specialists.

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