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Managed Detection & Response Services (MDR)

Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services are an advancement and new breed of Managed Security Services. By prioritising technique-based detection over traditional signature-based methods, CAT’s Intelligence team is empowered to detect new types of attacks that are otherwise likely to be missed.

These services are primarily focused on advanced security monitoring, incident analysis and response, threat hunting and proactive threat intelligence. As motivated threat actors continually redefine their attack vectors, so must we continually strengthen ours with emerging and advanced techniques.

Our affordable MDR services arose from the identification that many SMEs required the same levels of protection as larger organisation, but lacked the resources and budgets often associated with MDR.

My IT Provider/Manager Assures Me We’re Protected

Unfortunately, we still hear this statement on a daily basis and it greatly concerns us.

Whilst there is a symbiotic relationship between IT and Cybersecurity, they are very different disciplines, with vastly different threat landscapes. We seek to work closely with many local and national IT providers to educate them on the dangers of providing their clients with a false sense of security by wrongly implying that their businesses are protected or compliant because of the security software they have implemented.

If your IT provider or IT Manager has a strong background in areas such as Information Security, Managed Detection and Response, Active Threat Hunting, Governance Risk and Compliance, and Data Privacy, then they have hopefully implemented adequate process and systems to protect your business however, in our experience, this is rarely the case.

Some IT providers even imply that they “monitor” your systems and digital environment however, it is our experience that many do not provide “real-time pro-active security monitoring” via a SOC with SIEM capabilities and may simply be reactive to any potential threats after the fact. This approach leaves many companies extremely vulnerable to attack. Without real-time monitoring of your systems and digital environment, you are operating blind and your company will only learn of a successful breach or attack when it’s too late.

Benefits of MDR Services

Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) is becoming an industry standard term for a range of complementary services and technologies that move beyond traditional protective monitoring and security device management by a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Harnessing the unique skills of our Cyber Intelligence Centre specialists, our MDR services will provide your business with real-time monitoring, pro-active threat detection, threat intelligence and a rapid cyber-incident response capability. These practical and affordable solutions can provide you company with a competitive advantage by enhancing your ability to detect and respond to daily threats, protect your brand and reputation, whilst demonstrating your company’s compliance obligations.

Our MDR services are tailored to suit your company’s specific cybersecurity requirements, enabling your business to achieve a sustained cybersecurity posture and will assist in maturing your organisation’s Information Security operations program.


Unlike traditional MSSPs, who mostly rely on signatures and rules to provide alerts for security monitoring, our MDR services utilises human led security solutions, complimented by advance AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to provide a faster, more sophisticated, yet affordable solution for most businesses, including SMEs.

Combining broad real-world knowledge of threat actor’s TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures), our MDR services will provide your company with an advanced and effective solution that moves beyond signature-based detection and alerting on known bad log events.

Company-Wide Cybersecurity Strategy

Our MDR services will deliver your business a company-wide cybersecurity strategy that protects your assets in line with your cybersecurity maturity journey, whilst aligning with your business initiatives. These services are tailored to your company’s specific requirements, based on your risk appetite and budget, enabling your staff to focus their attention and resources on the critical aspects of your organisation. Our MDR service capabilities encompass:
  • Real-Time monitoring via SOC operations, delivering network monitoring and advanced SIEM analytics
  • Advanced full network packet capture and threat detection solutions driven by CAT’s threat intelligence to identify Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)
  • Advanced in-house forensic investigation and malware analysis skills
  • Hunter teams, who will proactively look for known, new and emerging threats
  • Experienced Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) that can rapidly respond in the event of an advanced threat is found to have penetrated the network
Our MDR services will assist your company with adherence towards regulatory compliance requirements, whilst continuously monitoring, testing and maturing your company’s cybersecurity posture.
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