We provide affordable cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes, across all industries

Managed Detection and Response Services

“We provide our clients with the peace of mind that their businesses are operating in a safe, secure and compliant Information Security environment.”

Our Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR Security Service) are an advancement and new breed of Managed Security Services. By prioritising technique-based detection over traditional signature-based methods, CAT’s Intelligence team is empowered to detect new types of attacks that are otherwise likely to be missed. These services are primarily focused on proactive threat intelligence, threat hunting, advanced security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. As motivated threat actors continually redefine their attack vectors, so must we continually strengthen ours with emerging and advanced techniques.

Our affordable MDR services arose from the identification that many SMEs required the same levels of protection as larger organisations, but lacked the resources and budgets often associated with MDR services. 

Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC)

In today’s highly connected world, nearly every company is connected to the Internet with digital assets stored in numerous locations. The number one challenge for most businesses is securing and protecting these assets. Through our dedicated Australian Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC), our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services will mitigate your company’s cybersecurity risk by continuously monitoring, detecting and protecting your company and its digital assets from internal and external cyber-threats and security incidents.

Our team of highly skilled, qualified and trusted specialists demonstrate extensive experience in managed detection, security and intelligence, with their skills practiced and honed within global enterprises, military intelligence and law enforcement. Our MDR services address such issues and begin paying for themselves from day one. These proactive managed services enable our clients to benefit from a sophisticated level of resilience and defence that they may otherwise struggle to justify in-house or achieve alone.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a sophisticated technology designed to detect, prevent and respond rapidly to security threats within your organisation. CAT’s Security Event Monitoring provides impactful, current threat intelligence, producing a globalised view of the ever-evolving threat landscape and advanced monitoring of your systems, networks, applications, data and devices to help safeguard your digital environment.

CAT’s SIME provides your business with a whole team of experienced specialists that remain abreast of the latest threat actors’ TTPs.

Active Threat Intelligence

Cybercrime is now globally recognised as being more lucrative than any other criminal activity. Traditionally, threat actors were only using the “Dark Web” to buy, sell or trade stolen information, financial credentials or trade secrets as easily as any other legitimate businesses.

These days, they are utilising various channels of all three surfaces of the Web, together with online gaming platforms such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and other popular games. Being able to proactively monitor these vast sources for active threat intelligence is therefore essential in the fight against cyber-crime. Utilising advanced algorithms, our cyber intelligence platform provides organisations with continuous monitoring, prioritised real time alerts and actionable threat intelligence, gleaned from all marketplaces of the surface, deep and dark web.

Targeted Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is the process of proactively searching across networks and endpoints to identify threats that evade existing security controls. This differs from penetration or pen testing, which looks for vulnerabilities that an attacker could use to get inside a network.

Threat hunters are highly skilled cybersecurity professionals tasked with performing pro-active threat intelligence gathering. Using a combination of manual and machine assisted techniques, threat hunters search for indicators of compromise (IOCs) across an organisation’s IT environment.

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