Information Security Simplified

We’re here to support your business, regardless of size, by equipping you with affordable and practical solutions to protect your data and more importantly, your brand and reputation

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Evolving Threat Landscape

The Cybersecurity threat landscape is continually expanding, with new threats evolving daily. Is your business doing enough to keep up?

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Assessment & Discovery

You simply don’t know, what you don’t know. Identify your company’s vulnerabilities before threat actors do.

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Managed Detection & Response

We actively hunt, identify, contain and respond to cyber threats so you don’t have to.

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Respond & Recover

How you respond to a data breach may ultimately define the future of your business. Our highly experienced team are here to react swiftly and sensitively to any data incident or breach may suffer.

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We simplify cybersecurity, making it practical and affordable for all businesses.



Threats and Attacks


Proactive Response


Similar Attacks Occurring

Welcome To Cyber Audit Team

Cyber Audit Team (CAT) is 100% focused on information security and cybersecurity. In fact, it’s all we do.

Using non-technical language, and real-world examples, we consultatively engage to cut through the complexity and hype, to demonstrate your specific exposure to cyber risk, across your entire business landscape. Our highly skilled and industry respected team of specialists are trusted by government agencies, tier 1 banks, blue-chip companies, law firms, accountants, charities and SMEs.

As a trusted, Australian based provider of independent “end-to-end” services and solutions, we will partner with you to mitigate your exposure to risk, providing solutions to protect your data, brand reputation and your digital assets against internal and external threats from the rapidly evolving threat landscape. 

Book a Cyber Resilience Assessment today to identify your existing weaknesses or discuss how our Managed Security Services can provide ongoing detection and response services to your business.

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Managed Detection & Response Services

Traditionally, cybersecurity only becomes a focus to most businesses after a cyber-attack. This reactive approach is costly, inefficient and can be catastrophic to most business – unfortunately, it’s still very common…

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Compliance Management

Information security is as much about people as it is technology. The simplest and most cost-effective way to gain clear visibility over your company’s risk exposure, is through an independent “whole of business” gap analysis and risk assessment of your Information Security posture…

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Incident Response

Whilst there is no such thing as 100% secure, the quicker you can identify a data incident or breach, and instigate your response plan to contain it, the less chance there is of it causing catastrophic damage to your business, or worse still, your client’s businesses…

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We focus on the below 5 key areas of cybersecurity resilience to protect your organisation from the wide and evolving range of internal and external threats.

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