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Proactive Real Time Monitoring

“Not all data breaches occur from being ‘hacked’. In fact, nearly all data incidents and breaches are directly attributed to some form of human error - we help our clients mitigate this exposure.”

Some IT providers may imply that they “monitor” your systems and digital environment; however, few actually provide “real-time pro-active security monitoring”, and will merely be reactive to any potential threats.

This approach leaves many companies extremely vulnerable to attack. Without real-time monitoring of your systems and digital environment, you are operating blind and your company will only learn of a successful breach or attack when it’s too late.

Intelligent Unified Security Management Solution

CAT’s managed Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC), delivers an intelligent Unified Security Management (USM) solution that combines powerful Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM), and log management capabilities with other essential security tools, such as incident response and analysis, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection. The service leverages multi-threat security solutions to become proactive in order to spot and prevent attacks as they are attempted, whilst continually enhancing your Cybersecurity posture and keeping cost under control.

This service can also alert your team to any instances of unauthorised downloading of your company’s Intellectual Property (such as trade secrets, CRM data or Financial data), which can be used to identify any internal threat actors, disgruntled employees or staff who are leaving to work for a competitor. This information can then be used as evidence in any workplace investigation.

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