Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy few months here at Cyber Audit Team. We established several key new partnerships and participated in a number of events with our partners all around Australia. We’ve also made some significant new hires, and are excited for another successful quarter as we expand our company to serve our clients even more.

The following are some of the key highlights from the quarter. Thank you for your continued support.

Strategic Partnerships

We negotiated a long-term partnership with Griffith University to address the chronic cyber skills shortage in Australia, and we look forward to sharing more information with you on this exciting opportunity over the coming months.

We also signed a partnership agreement with 6clicks, an Australian GRC platform that will complement our existing cyber assessment solutions whilst broadening our capabilities around various other regulatory compliance requirements for our customers. 6clicks boasts a unique hub and spoke multi-tenancy architecture, powerful AI engine underpinned by best practice workflows with minimal need for configuration. Additionally, the platform provides an attractive price point for our clients, making it an obvious choice that will complement and extend our existing services. You can learn more about this partnership in this quarter’s newsletter.

Client & Partner Events 

We held a number of highly engaging customer events, partnering with our colleagues at CT4 for their Impact Event luncheons in both Melbourne and Brisbane. At the Melbourne event, we unpacked and discussed ASIC’s recent prosecution of RI Advice Group in relation to cyber security failures and the negative impacts these failures can have on companies and their directors. At the Brisbane event, we were fortunate to have Kerryn Newton, CEO of Directors Australia and Founder of The Board Whisperer. Kerryn shared her experience around adopting a methodical and practical approach toward addressing and mitigating cyber security risks at a board and senior executive level. During these events, we also discussed Directors’ and Officers’ personal liability under the Corporation’s Act and why cyber is a whole of business risk, not just an IT issue.

For more information on how ASIC is cracking down on cyber security failures and what it means for you, check out this quarter’s newsletter.

We’ve also partnered with British Standards Institution (BSI) to assist customers in attaining ISO 27001 Certification. We launched this partnership with an executive roundtable luncheon in Brisbane, which had an agri-focus. We welcomed guest speakers Trent Thorne, Agri Partner at Hamilton Locke Lawyers and James Khreim, CIO at McLean Farms. During this round table, we discussed the positive impacts gained through advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT), while recognising the requirements for investing in strong cyber security measures to protect agri-businesses from attack and disruption.

Alex and I also spent three weeks on a road trip with one of our insurance broker clients, Insurance Advisernet. Travelling around Australia, educating their brokers around cyber security. The road trip saw us visiting five states and the ACT, meeting and presenting to over 600 people and travelling some 14,000 kilometres. That’s equivalent to travelling from Brisbane to Missouri in the USA.

New Additions to Cyber Audit Team

This quarter also saw us grow our team even further, and we are excited to welcome Paula Sillars as a Security Analyst. You can learn more about Paula in the newsletter. We also welcomed Rachel Pleasant to the team as our Chief Marketing Officer, and this newsletter is one of her first initiatives.

That’s it for this busy quarter, and we hope you find the first edition of Cyber Bytes insightful. To assist our team in delivering engaging, relevant and interesting content, please take the time to complete the short questionnaire at the end of the newsletter.

Thanks for reading, and please remember to stay cyber safe.

Yours Sincerely,

Damian Seaton
Managing Director

Cyber Audit Team

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